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  • Saturday, February 22, 2020 (at the International Centre in Mississauga)  Canadian Fertility Show  –  come visit us at our booth!


WORKSHOPS – creative classes to empower + educate

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Fertility Diet Bootcamp: the recipe for optimal fertility and conception success
Cost: $65 (or $100 for 2 partners)

The food you put in your body impacts your ability to conceive and have a healthy baby.  We have heard all sorts of stories about what women eat to try to become pregnant. So Dr. von Hagen and myself, Dr. Trowell, sat down to review the latest research and decided to set the record straight on the optimal fertility diet.

At this dinner + discussion event, your can look forward to learning about:
– fertility food essentials + the nutrients you really need to know
– what you’re eating that is reducing your chances
– myth busting: pineapple cores + so much more
– the latest research on weight, metabolism and fertility
– proven strategies to monitor and track your ideal caloric intake

BONUS – All attendees will receive a free copy of our Optimal Fertility Meal Plan, where Dr. Stefanie Trowell and Dr. Laura von Hagen share their best tips and favourite fertility-boosting foods.

JOIN US! It’s a meal with amazing conversation – guaranteed! RSVP – space limited.

For more information or to speak with Dr. von Hagen or Dr. Trowell, please email us. We’d love to hear from you.


– we have tons of ideas for upcoming fun and informative workshops – we are just in the process of organizing them for you! Please keep checking back to see what new sessions we have created for you. Have an idea or want to be placed on our wait list? Leave us a note on our facebook page.


RETREATS – a quiet escape to reflect + relax

next retreat: stay tuned! We can add you to our waitlist.

How to stay emotionally strong + happy through your fertility journey

The fertility journey can take a lot out of you… one. cycle. after. another. It’s hard to stay optimistic and believe in your ability to conceive. You are tired of blood draws and ultrasounds, counting days and remembering medications, and waiting – SO much waiting! In the process of trying to have a baby, you’ve become completely drained.

It’s time for some much-needed care, attention and full-body nourishment. And we’ve planned a really special day for you.

Join our Fertility Experts, Drs. Laura von Hagen and Stefanie Trowell, ND for an emotionally uplifting day of reconnecting to you. It’s an investment in yourself that you will never regret.

You can look forward to:
– Proven stress-busting strategies to incorporate into your daily routines to help you cope with uncertainty and disappointment
– Creative mindfulness activities to help you be present in the moment and maintain a healthy mindset
– A safe space for sharing what you want, with women who truly understand and support you.
– The best facial massage in town from Glow with Mei  (Trust us! She has the touch).
– Gentle head and neck massage to help melt your tensions and reconnect with your mind and body
BONUS – A refreshing 30 day fertility focused and micronutrient rich meal plan (including grocery list, recipes, hormone balancing recipes) to optimize hormonal balance, egg quality and overall health
**Delicious lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day.

This Retreat is an intimate setting for 10 women who need some fertility love and connection.

For more information or to speak with Dr. von Hagen or Dr. Trowell, please email us. We’d love to hear from you.