natural fertility

It takes approximately 100 days for both an egg and sperm to fully mature. If you are ready to start natural family planning, healthy preconception care is a great place to start. We always recommend anyone involved in the family planning process to receive treatment for optimal egg and sperm health.

Important Naturopathic Considerations for Family Planning
One of the most important steps in starting a family is knowing when to have intercourse. Determining the fertile window ensures that the your efforts are more likely to yield the desired result. The fertile window is typically the 5 days prior to and including the day of ovulation. This can get a little confusing when the tracking app and ovulation strips provide slightly different information. And then on top of this – both partners needs to be available and healthy during that time frame. We help you with knowing when and how often to “try” to get the best odds of conceiving. 

Environmental Assessment
More than ever, there is emerging evidence on the negative impact of environmental toxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) on our ability to conceive. Although it is impossible to live a 100% toxic free lifestyle, there are certainly steps we can take to reduce your baby’s chemical burden. During our initial appointment together, we will do a 360 review of your household and search room by search for sources of EDCs. Treatment may include replacing household cleaners and beautify products with safer, more natural options, and making better food choices at the grocery store. We believe in educating our patients to feel empowered about their health and create a safe environment at home. 

Tailored Nutrition Support
An optimal fertility diet is rich in antioxidants, essential micronutrient and healthy fats. At Focused Fertility, we are serious about your nutrition and finding a tailored meal plan that fits your lifestyle and dietary preferences. Our holistic approach to nutrition ensures you get the nutrients necessary for optimal egg and sperm health. Forget complicated or restrictive diets, great nutrition starts with fresh, whole foods that will leave you feeling energized all day. 


Check out this video to learn more about how we can help you with natural family planning.